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"Russell, the Saga of a Peaceful Man"

Contains Big Bang Comics, #1 & 2. In which we meet Russell in the 1980's, at a time of change in his life, and accompany him (via a disastrous attempt to get in touch with his inner child) on a visit to several disturbing festivals.

£10.00 inc. P&P

Limited stock, sold as collectors items

"Russell, the Saga of a Peaceful Man Part II"

Contains Big Bang Comics #3 plus further episodes. In which Russell's life becomes even more chaotic as he struggles with his tobacco addiction, experiences strange dreams, meets many alarmingly eccentric people and has a traumatic episode at a rebirthing centre before fleeing to a very strange rural retreat.

£10.00 inc. P&P

Limited stock

"Big Trip Travel Agency 1"

First in a new Russell series. A number of short strips in which – Russell and Andy confront fast food, Russell and Andy visit the Henge, Russell stars in a Zen quest, and a member of the constabulary makes a brief protest. Plus the first long episode of a serial featuring Russell visiting his previous incarnations, entitled 'The Same Old Story'.

£10.00 inc. P&P

Limited stock

"Big Trip Travel Agency 3"

Contains various short strips, an expanded version of a strip intended for Glastonbury Festival Programme (but never used because it was considered to show the festival in a "bad light"!), the continuation of 'The Same Old Story', and the first episode of another Russell serial 'Those Good Old Days' beginning with Russell as a youth in the 70's.

£3.50 inc. P&P

"Big Trip Travel Agency 4"

Various short Russell strips involving a cross section of humanity, plus the next episode of 'The Same Old Story' with further Russell incarnations and some very weird stuff indeed, and the second episode of 'Those Good Old Days' bringing our hero's life up to date (the 1990's, that is!) and the first intimations of conspiracy.

£4.50 inc. P&P

"Big Trip Travel Agency 5"

The usual collection of short strips, mostly involving Russell, part 5 of 'The Same Old Story', and Part 3 of 'Those Good Old Days' in which Russell catches up with one of his old buddies while the conspiracy thickens and dangers multiply.

£4.50 inc. P&P

"Big Trip Travel Agency 6"

After a gap of many years we meet Russell again, in the second decade of the 21st century, with a comic entirely devoted to (and forming the final episode of!) 'Those Good Old Days' in which Russell survives many dangers while confronting large chunks of his past, and ends up older but no wiser at all.

£5.50 inc. P&P

Plain Rapper Comix 2

An extended edition from the late 90's of a classic publication from the early 90's – the earlier version was the first comic ever in this country (and perhaps anywhere!) to be printed on modern process hemp paper – and chronicles Russell's musings on the modern subject of cannabis use, finally winding up with an eye-watering eco-rant on the history and politics of the weed by a crazed expert.

£4.50 inc. P&P


And now for a poster, £20.00 inc P&P

"Behold the Speakers"

The official Secret Garden Party poster from 2011. A limited run of 250, numbered, dated and signed. Size 42cm x 59.3cm. A few still available (random numbers).

£20.00 inc. P&P


Pack of 17 postcards, £7.50 inc P&P

Pack of 17 postcards

£7.50 inc. P&P